What people are saying

A great read. Full of tips and techniques. Like “Don’t make me think!” it’s the kind of book you’ll want to pass on to the people you work with. I highly recommend it.
Gerry Gaffney, Author Forms that work: designing Web forms for usability

Next time someone says to just “make it simple,” show them a copy of this book. Simple and Usable is a delightful afternoon read full of short, memorable examples that remind us why simple isn’t always easy.
Stephen P. Anderson, Author Mental Notes

Think things have to be complicated to be powerful? Think again. In this clear, compelling (and beautiful) book, Giles Colborne makes the argument for simplicity. He shows us design as a process of thoughtfully crafting a product that is just simple enough, but no more. Whitney Quesenbery, Author Storytelling for user experience

Packed with practical strategies for achieving simplicity—and an enjoyable read. Giles manages to infuse frequent examples into the book’s impressively concise 1-page sections. As an advocate of simplicity, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a hand in building websites, software, or products.
Tyler Tate, Twigkit

An amazing book. Just buy it, consider it a $20 2-hour brain upgrade.
Brandon Hays, The Daily Flux

This book is a delight. Everything about it is Simple and Usable – the layout, the beautiful illustrations, and the text. This is a book I will return to again to deal with specific questions. I’d recommend Simple and Usable to anyone involved in physical or digital product design.
Annie Dryden, Senior Interaction Designer, BBC