Weird remotes

Here are a few of the strangest remote control ideas I’ve come across over the past few months.

Cushion remote?

I don’t quite understand Brookstone’s thinking on the cushion remote. I guess it goes something like:

‘People are always losing remote controls behind cushions, so if we make a remote control that is also a cushion, we’ve solved that problem. High five!’

I have to admit that even though I know Brookstone is full of gadgety junk, I can’t walk past their stores without wanting to go in. They speak directly to the seven year old kid inside me who wants to watch a big TV and get served dinner by a remote control butler.

BIG remote

Another way to make something hard to lose is to make it so enormous that you can see it from space. On the other hand, maybe this isn’t a big remote. Maybe the guy holding it is just really tiny.







Big, but it’s Art

Russian designer Art Lebedev is always coming up with designs that bridge the gap between clunky and cool. If you’ve got too many channels on your cable TV, I guess this is for you. There are only 103 buttons, though. If you need more options than that, this remote looks long enough to poke the TV.












Dance, dance, revolution

Creativity often comes from combining two seemingly unrelated ideas to make something completely new. So what happens if you combine a dance mat with the device that’s supposed to stop you from having to get up out of your seat?









In the dark?

I’d like all my remote controls to be backlit – it’s such an obvious improvement. But I can’t help feeling that a stick-on pop-up torch is the worst of both worlds.







The magic wand might actually be quite good fun. Wave it in various gestures to change channel, adjust the volume. Just make sure the curtains are drawn!







The orb

The thing about a circular remote control with a touchscreen surface is you’d have trouble in a dark room knowing whether you were holding it the right way round. Fortunately there’s room at the back for one of those pop-up microlights. Problem solved.

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