The mom test (SXSW edition)

SWSW 2011, March 11-15

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone was talking about designing for a naive, foolish user? Chances are they began with the words: ‘My mom always…’

I’ve often wished I could meet those moms and see (a) what they really do and (b) how they feel about being talked about like that.

If you feel the same way, then vote for my SXSW presentation ‘Simple and Usable? The mom test’ where I’ll be interviewing real moms and (hopefully) blowing open a few myths about what designing for ‘my mom’ means.

I’m planning on talking to the moms of some well-known interactive designers. This could be your chance to make them cringe.

Do you want to see another panel on social media? Or do you want to make your mom proud?

As usual competition is tight – your vote counts!

Vote now: Simple and Usable? The mom test.

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